Lost In Your Facade-Nivedita K S

Lost In Your Facade-Nivedita K S

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‘I started reading this book with very little interest and hope. But, just reading the first chapter, two things impressed me. One: The narrative was very natural. Two:  Nivedita knew how to craft a convincing story’- Charu Nivedita.

Arjun: Living with too good people is sometimes hard.
Concern and anger, their regular weapons to subdue me.
To make me a safe bet. Which I am not.
I salute them. But that’s where my respect ends.
If they think I am going to fail, then they hadn’t done their math right.
I am here to lead not to fall back and take orders.
And of all, I don’t wear fear so well. And that scares a few.
My ambition, dreams and my LIFE take the center stage.
And of course, my two friends, who are kind enough to ruin my sanity, most of the time.
Call me arrogant or conceited? I don’t care. But I promise you something…
Tomorrow is going to be just spectacular because it is mine you are going to witness.

Jaanavi: Packed my bags to place me far away from my home. To let go of my chained past.
And this new place is a safe bet.
I am just the one who takes whatever comes on the way.
And I succeed at every hoop fire. Because like it or not, I try to fit myself in, even in a cage.
Though my soul wants to creep out of me and cry out loud to someone close, it just couldn’t.
Call me a loser or coward? Well, I am sorry.
This is Jaanavi, hopeful of a simple tomorrow.

What if they realize they are not the one they think they are once their lives collide?