A Bridge to Peradeniya-Anand Krishnaswamy

A Bridge to Peradeniya-Anand Krishnaswamy

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A dog that wins everyone’s affection by barking and laughing madly through her ailment. A stud bull that conveys the melancholy in his soul through his eyes. A kiosk owner whose sunny personality bounces off the tree stump where he leaves food for the neighbourhood strays. A chic lady with a rescued street dog and a penchant for profanity.

These are some of the colorful characters that the author encounters when he turns his life upside down and leaves his hometown Chennai to go and study veterinary medicine in the beautiful tropical island of Sri Lanka.

Often hilarious, occasionally sad, speaking of friendship, dreams, challenges, and love, these are the stories of the author’s unforgettably mad ride through veterinary college in Sri Lanka and early years as a newly-qualified veterinary doctor in south India.