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Children Of Mama Asili - Sarthak Parashar


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When a ten-year-old Tanya discovers a mysterious, furry creature in her balcony, unbeknownst of its identity or origin, she embraces it into her life and unknowingly changes the course of her world’s history. The world little Tanya has inherited is centred around the fictional and futuristic colony of Kalpana Nagar, nestled somewhere in the locale of South Delhi, in the year 2050. It’s a land of flying advertisement drones and creeping city sludge, of miniature wearable ‘computers’ and lofty mountains of garbage. It’s where a strict Mamma and a kind, old ‘Jiji’ complete Tanya’s family and were, without telling them, Tanya hopes to rear a new family member, who she’s innocently taken to be her little brother. But the gutsy girl doesn’t realise that she and her ‘brother’ are separated by over 40 million years of evolution and in this fast choking world, there might not be a place for two little children of Mother Nature, or as an old African poacher likes to call her ‘Mama Asili’.

Author:  Sarthak Parashar
Genre: Children Books
Publishing House: Zero Degree Publishing
No. Of Pages: 130
Language: English