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Alida - Chandra R Talware


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A time travel fiction that begins in 2037 A.D with Dev, a Mars Mission specialist, traumatized by a Tsunami in Japan. Dev’s brain travels back and forth on a timeline when he is asleep and starts visualizing himself as Prince Rajendra Cholan of the ancient past, John Wilbur and Saravanan of recent times. He uncovers the truth behind the origin of the oldest language spoken on the surface of the earth – Tamil. If history, both ancient and modern coupled with scientific proofs, reveals that there is an entire race that wants to protect the sanctity of Tamil language, at the cost of sacrificing valuable human lives; it makes us wonder if there is more to it than what meets our eyes. From ancient Indus Valley Civilization to futuristic Altabs and Touch Sheets, interspersed with fact-based fiction, did Dev succeed in translating the visuals from his brain trenches to a substantial discovery?

Author: Chandra R Talware
Genre: Crime/Thriller/Mystery
Publishing House: Zero Degree Publishing
No. Of Pages: 408
Language: English