Fire Of Sumatra- C.R.Ramana Kailash

Fire Of Sumatra - C.R.Ramana Kailash


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A massive red fire demon came fiercely, swallowing jungles and burping them out as smoke. It killed several lives on its way and separated a tigress from its three cubs.

The three-perspective story follows the lives of the three cubs, the separated mother and a team of environmentalists who relentlessly fight for restoring the pristine forests of Sumatra. The short novel unveils the pressures experienced by the Sumatran wilderness, including poaching network, deforestation, wildfires and human-animal conflicts. This is an engaging ride through the woods with tigers and humans as narrators. The gripping tale of the wild is filled with several aspects of conservation, environmentalism, optimism, survival and the tragedy behind the raging fire of Sumatra.